EmEsEm IT | Pain Relieving Cream

EmEsEm IT | Pain Relieving Cream

  • $ 30.00

EmEsEm*it is very concentrated...You Only Need A Little!!

EmEsEm IT really Works!!

Use for Arthritis Pain—Joint Pain— Muscle Tension/Soreness— Stiffness—Bruises—Insect Bites— Rashes—Scar Tissue—Inflammation— Foot Pain/Soreness—rub affected areas as needed. Pain should subside within a few minutes of application, however repeat applications should be applied for maximum benefit in arthritic or severe cases of trauma. Use daily to prevent flair ups. Regular use has a cumulative effect. Does it hurt? EmEsEM*IT!!

For Sciatica—Apply to painful area and the entire bottom of feet, concentrating on the heels of the foot. You will be amazed at how many other complaints will vanish with this method of application performed consistently. For an amazing overall health benefit, apply daily to the top and bottom of feet.

EmEsEm *it is wonderful for use as a scalp conditioner for dandruff or growing strong healthy hair. It will help to re-grow hair lost due to chemo, menopause, or stress.

EmEsEm *it works wonders for eliminating scar tissue caused by accidents or from surgery—including C -section. You’ll Tell Your Friends about it!