EXIT ONLY Colon Cleanse

EXIT ONLY Colon Cleanse

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The overwhelming neglect of bowel sanitation and cleanliness is one source of the numerous symptoms of dis-ease. Retention of feces is also claimed to be a source of heart disorders. Constipation is often referred to as the modern plague. Constipation causes self intoxification— predisposing us to many acute illnesses and the creation of a great many degenerative and chronic processes. Intestinal constipation leads to cellular constipation... overworking the kidney,skin, liver, lungs and lymph. Most colon cleansers allow toxic waste to be reabsorbed back into the system through the colon wall.

The EXIT ONLY Colon Cleanse is different because it contains activated charcoal which holds and
contains the toxic matter ( preventing re-absorption) until it is eliminated out of the body. There is rarely any cramping unless there is extreme implications. There is simply a gentle complete and pleasant elimination.

Take 3-5 capsules at bedtime with a full glass of water for 5-7 nights in a row...then every other night until desired results. Thorough cleansing normally takes from 3-6
  months.   You will be delighted at how light and energized you will feel!!

(60 caps per jar)