Parasites B Gone

Parasites B Gone

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60 caps per bottle. Recommended dosage is 1 capsule morning and night…upon arising and upon going to bed for the night…for 90days. This is the life cycle of the parasite! $30


You can literally be eaten alive by Parasites! Recent studies say that in the U.S. at least 85-95% of the population has one or more types of parasites. There are two basic types of parasites, the large worms, called helminths or intestinal nematodes which can travel through your bloodstream and infect any organ, gland or body part including the brain and heart. Some can grow several feet in length! The fish tape worm is the largest of the human tapeworms and can grow up to 33 ft or more. There are also beef and pork tapeworms. The small ones travel through the bloodstream like bacteria or a virus. They reproduce by dividing themselves much like bacteria do. They can invade any cell of the body. 

The small ones are called protozoa which eat and excrete wastes daily. These parasites not only eat our food, but many of them eat human tissue and the protein coating off the nerves. Some parasites (endolimax nana) are known to eat the calcium off our bones, causing forms of arthritis, while others (entamoeba bistolytica) can get into the liver, the lungs and the brain. Immature forms of a round worm (ascaris) can get into our lungs and cause asthma. 

The hook worm (necator americanus…American murderer) is the culprit in many cases of chronic anemia. It attaches itself to the lining of our intestines and bites into our blood vessels. It is capable of ingesting an enormous quantity of blood each day. Hemoglobin levels as low as 15% below normal have been found in people with chronic hookworm disease.  Experts now feel that even seizures may be caused by parasites and that worms can even get into the brain.

A different type of roundworm called the whipworm, injects a digestive fluid into our colon, turning our colon tissue into a liquid which the worm then sucks up. Pinworms have been found in the uterus, vula and the Fallopian tubes of some female patients. This is because when the worm travels to the anus to lay its eggs, it can get lost in the vagina. It travels through the colon, out of the anus, into the vaginal area and gets lost on its way back. This may be a reason why women find it difficult to get rid of vaginal infections. Worms can crawl out of the anus, carrying bacteria and candida right into the reproductive areas. They are stealth as they do this at night while you are asleep. That is why rectal itching is worse at night and can wake you up.

Parasites release toxic wastes that are actually their feces and urine. Parasite urine is practically pure ammonia. Parasite waste can affect the kidneys, liver and immune system.

So how do we get parasites? Parasites are picked up in many ways! If 85-95% of Americans have parasites, they must not be difficult to get! The primary way is from our food and water ( over 50% is affected). The eggs of parasites are microscopic and are the real danger. They can be passed sexually, as well as through shaking hands, walking barefoot, eating or drinking form someone else’s glass, bottle, can, fork, etc. Parasites can be passed through swimming in polluted lakes, rivers, streams or even going to the beach. We can also get parasites from our pets. Every time your pet licks its anus, they are possibly putting thousands of parasites on their tongues. When they lick you, those eggs go right into you.

There are two immediate goals for dealing with parasites. First get rid of them swiftly and safely as possible. Don’t try to speed up their dismissal. It takes a complete 90 days to eradicate parasites…the eggs, larvae and adults cycle must be dealt with or the parasites with not be gone for long. They’ll Be Back! So the number two goal is to stay free of them!