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Foundational Health Our entire healing program is built around our PURITEA BLEND. It is our #1 in demand herbal supplement! This is the foundation upon which all the other aspects of the healing journey are supported... A few of the names my clients have given this tea are...rejuvenation tea, fountain of youth tea, energy tea, new life tea, etc. PURITEA works to strengthen and enhance the performance of your liver, kidneys, bladder, spleen, & pancreas, as well as cleanses and purifies the blood. This tea is an overall body tuneup& detoxifier. Drinking this tea on a regular basis has been the pivotal element in the reversal of many types of physical and emotional dis-ease. It also offers the additional benefits of making your skin beautiful— with regular use—improves disposition, increases energy levels and greatly increases the bodies capacity to heal itself.

I recommend at least 1 cup of tea 2x a day ( preferably on an empty stomach). For more serious conditions increase to 3-4 cups per day.

Be sure to drink plenty of water to assist the body’s efficient elimination of waste being released from the tissues and cells. Nausea or light-headedness may occur if hydration is not maintained.

Use (1) one rounded teaspoon of tea per cup. A tea ball works optimally. Lemon and a small amount of honey or maple syrup may be added.

Puritea is not only healing but truly delicious too! Health In Every Cup!!

$30 one month supply @2 c/day